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L’idée d’acheter un croissant à 1€ (au lieu de 4,50$ !) me réjouit d’avance… :D
I’ve been writing professional emails in english. How should I finish…? Cordially? No, too formal… Cheers? Too casual maybe… Best regards perhaps? 
I keep on running on a regular basis. I also committed into a run in Sydney in August. It’s a 14k run… Anyway, the run is gonna be beautiful as it goes through the bay. I’m actually looking forward to it!
As I’m a competitor, I’m already thinking of committing into the half marathon in Melbourne in October…
I still experiment in cooking (more or less successfully…). Whoever invented this recipe hasn’t ever eaten a real carrot cake! That’s disgusting! Yuck yuck yuck! This is a blasphemy! A part in me died.
But, more than everything, I’m gonna come back in France in April, YAY!
I’m getting excited at the idea of buying a croissant for 1€ (instead of $4.50!). :D

Bande-son: “Baby I’m yours”, Breakbot feat Irfane (ma chanson préférée du moment pour courir !) (my favourite song lately for a run!)

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  1. Prudence dit :

    Best Regards, Kind Regards or simply Best I would say! ;)

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