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Just a sunny day in Berlin

I know, i know, i was in the wrong… But it’s like when you order some cake and the cake isn’t good. You can still complain about it, right? Let me have my cake… Bande-son : “Intersaison”, Flavier Berger

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A Christmas tale…

Bande-son : Podcast “Travail (en cours)”

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Bande-son : rien

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Stupid Comics #3

Quand on doit jongler avec 3 langues au quotidien… When you have to deal with 3 languages daily… Bande-son : radio FIP

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July & August

Cher mois d’août, essayons quelque chose de nouveau pendant que tout le monde est en vacances. Dear month of August, let’s try something new while everyone is on holiday. Bande-son : “Suzanne”, Leonard Cohen

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