Un peu d’action…

A little bit of action…
Duel with an emu
While looking for emu eggs, sometimes you can hit the jackpot: finding a nest with 3-4 eggs (=rare).
The problem is, the emu is going to realize pretty soon that they disappeared…
Attack phase 1: the emu lengthens its neck to make you feel their physical superiority.
Attack phase 2: the emu snaps its beak = intimidation.
Attack phase 3: the emu walks straight to you while snapping its beak and keeping eye contact = duel begins!
Things not to do while fighting with an emu:
– Run: the emu will always be faster than you (unless you’re Usain Bolt…)
– Turn your back; obviously it might peck you!
– Don’t show you’re freaking out!
So, don’t let the emu make the first move (it will attack with beak or claws). You have to face it while raising your stick up and keeping eye contact, then think to yourself: “I’m not afraid, I’m crrrraaayyyy!”
In case the emu attacks with its beak, restrain it with your stick and keep a reasonable distance.
Walk backwards to the exit while keeping eye contact with the emu.
Go out from the paddock and you win!

Bande-son : “Flowers in your hair”, The Lumineers

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