Petit à petit, je rattrape le temps et bientôt, vous pourrez suivre en temps réel ce que je fais… Aaah, la magie d’internet ;)
The airplane
Let’s go to Australia !

1. Excitement of the flight / 2. Very soon, the excitement disappears : you have to find something to do for the next 11:30 hours of flight… / 3. Reading : – the newspaper we gave you before boarding. Occupies about 20 minutes (including all the headings). – The Be magazine we gave you before boarding as well. Occupies 2 minutes (there’s nothing to read inside, who buy this seriously ?) – the novel I brought with me : I don’t know why but I’m unable to read in the plane, it makes me sleep ! / 4. Sleeping (and waking up every 45 minutes. Who can really sleep seriously ? I wish I could…) / 5. Watching a movie : I never know what to watch, I always end up watching my neighbour’s screen… with english subtitles. / 6. Eating : occupies 10-15 minutes. The problem is I’m always disgusted on plane and I’m also afraid to eat something wrong. At the end, I never eat much… “This thing is going to kill me… and so is this other stuff…”
Step by step, I’m coming to the present and soon, you’ll be able to follow me day by day… How magical is internet ;)

Bande-son : Radio Nova (pour le coup, j’ai droit au programme de nuit ici…)

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